Benefits of using storytelling in inbound marketing

Storytelling is a trending topic in terms of marketing trends. Every new strategy we see of any brand has jumped on the bandwagon of storytelling and trying to connect with their buyer person in a different and more personal way through this technique.

It’s no longer enough to sell a product, now you have to sell what makes you feel that product. And that’s where storytelling comes in, and all its ability to connect emotionally with your future customer in a different way that, instead of pushing him to come to you, will simply “attract” him through a good story.

Benefits of storytelling

Despite not being a technique whose benefits are as easy to measure as those of other techniques such as SEO, content marketing or SEM, storytelling has many benefits that we can see reflected mainly in the brandingofour brand. And what are these benefits? Let’s see them.

1. Generates more confidence

That a brand makes an effort to try to connect with its customers in a different way, showing how its products, services, workers and ultimately its entire company are, increases confidence in it.

Why? Because if you are able to show all that, you have very little to hide and therefore you are being more transparent with anyone who wants to know more about your business.

Usually this is taken advantage of by creating corporate videos in which we not only show the typical scenes that appear in all of them, but also create a video in which we really tell how the company was created and how it evolved using, for example, the voice and image of the workers themselves.

2. They make your brand easy to remember

If you were put on 25 ads in a row and then asked which one you remember, you’d surely remember more than just being the beginning or the end (our brain is “programmed” that way),those who told you a story that connected with you and made you feel some kind of emotion.

In Inbound Marketing is similar. If for example you are able to tell a story with which the readers of your blog identify, they will always tend to remember that post more than one in which you do not use that story. In fact, most people used to writing blogs will always recommend starting a post with a story or developing it through one to generate more attention and keep that person reading it completely.

3. Engage your audience

If you’ve done a good job of researching your buyer person, you’ll know exactly how to tell a story that connects with them. You know their problems, their challenges, their goals and everything about them, so it won’t be difficult for you to create a way to attract them to you through storytelling.

This benefit is increased if storytelling is combined with video marketing, since through small explanatory videos in which we insert a story we can make your audience identify with you.

For example, if you create an explanatory video in which the typical character that represents your buyer person in his day to day having a problem appears and later you introduce your company and explain how you are going to solve it together, it will be much better than just doing this second part. You need that person to say “yes, I have that problem”, so that later he or she says “sure, that’s the solution” and becomes a future customer.

4. Spread your brand “automatically

Word of mouth is very powerful and a good story can be the way to get your brand noticed in this way. “You just have to connect in such a deep way that people are almost forced to share, spread and talk about the story you’ve created.

This benefit is often reflected in the creation of viral videos, where storytelling is practically the most important part and can make the difference between a video that no one sees and one that appears on all news portals.

Through this viral video you manage to take people to your website, where through different elements you must turn that person into a lead. The important thing is that, in case you are successful with the video, the most complicated part will be done which is to take those people to your page.

These benefits show that storytelling is not only good for putting young children to sleep and making movies, but that in marketing the one who knows how to use them is able to get the most out of each one of them. And you, have you already startedtelling stories?